Warwick Cairns wins ….

The winner of the 2018 HNS New Novel Award is Warwick Cairns, for his novel The Master Thief.


Warwick Cairns HNS


Warwick Cairns was born and raised in Dagenham, Essex. After a ‘varied’ carreer trajectory that included warehouse work, bank clerking and drilling wells on a Sioux reservation he took a postgraduate degree in English Literature at Yale, where he was taught by the legendary critic Harold Bloom.
He began his writing career with nonfiction and wrote three factual books before making the switch to fiction. How To Live Dangerously, his book about danger and risk, was widely reviewed on both sides of the Atlantic, and was quoted in Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature: “The writer Warwick Cairns calculated that if you wanted your child to be kidnapped and held overnight by a stranger, you’d have to leave the child outside and unattended for 750,000 years.”
The Master Thief is his first novel.

Warwick Cairns is a Consultant Strategist at The Effectiveness Partnership.  His expertise includes Strategy and Story Telling.


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