The rise of planning

Planning’s day in the sun has come, as clients and agencies increasingly seek measurably effective campaigns that affect business outcomes, Debbie Klein and Gurdeep Puri write.

Has planning come of age? That’s what Engine Europe’s Debbie Klein, the chair of judges for last week’s Account Planning Group Creative Strategy Awards, thinks.

“This is planning’s moment. It has spread its wings and made its impact felt in every facet of today’s communication environment,” she says.

Clients are increasingly reliant on the big brains of planners to help them navigate the ever-changing marketing arena. There is also increased pressure for clients and agencies to prove the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Meanwhile, campaigns that made a difference were celebrated on Tuesday night at the Euro Effie Awards.

Gurdeep Puri, who helped develop the Euro Effies and was a judge this year, believes that, in the awards’ 20th year, “there is a real focus on commercial creativity in our industry, with both marketers and their agencies vying to demonstrate success further up the corporate food chain. I feel that breaking that creative ceiling in the boardroom is a close reality.”

Klein and Puri expand their views on planning here.


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