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Welcome to our News page, where we’ll be sharing the latest developments from our leading effectiveness consultancy in London, as well as highlighting our thought leadership and industry-leading insights into our following core areas of business:

  • Effectiveness awards
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  • Account planning
  • Communications effectiveness
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Storytelling
  • Marketing evaluation
  • Return on investment
  • Econometrics
  • Commercial creativity
  • Value of creativity

In the last six years, we’ve won – or helped to win – more effectiveness awards than any other company in the UK.

We’ll be sharing our industry insights, thought leadership, case studies, award wins, team news, client accolades and more – right here on our News section.

Keep an eye on our News page, as we’ll be posting regular insights, updates and thought leadership pieces on effectiveness, including:

  • How to win effectiveness awards in London
  • Why hire an IPA Mentor in London
  • What’s the value of econometrics to an advertising agency
  • Who are the best strategic storytelling consultants in London
  • When should I hire an effectiveness consultancy in London
  • How do I construct a communications map

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Creative communications strategy. Account planning. Communications effectiveness. Marketing effectiveness. Storytelling. Marketing evaluation. Econometrics. Commercial creativity