Divided we fall | Advertising news | Campaign

Gurdeep Puri – Founding PartnerIn the second of a series exploring creative effectiveness, Gurdeep Puri says that, through collaboration and co-operation, the industry must more closely examine how creativity affects clients’ commercial objectives.

Too often, we look at problems in the wrong way and find creative solutions that can be lauded and applauded. But we cannot say how they helped to make a difference to the bottom line of the clients that commissioned them.

This cannot be right and it risks damaging our reputation as an industry. We know that the most creative work delivered against the most rigorous thinking can achieve astonishing results – but, far too often, we celebrate short-term thinking and quick fixes and call these “effectiveness”. They’re not.

Part of the problem lies in planning’s success, which adds to the challenge we as an industry face: who “owns” or is responsible for the overarching business and creative strategy for a brand and how do we all pull together to show how collective creativity can make a tangible difference? The growth of data collection and analysis is also problematic when it is not shared or used by the collective planning community for the common good of the brand. In our business, we’ve come across clients who are looking to showcase their brand’s success, and have four or five agencies and planners demonstrating “success” in different ways, failing to work together to a clear, coherent strategy.

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