We’re here to help you – and your business – become more effective.

The Effectiveness Partnership StategyStrategy

Plan and nurture effective commercial creativity

Our Strategy unit is here to help you nurture more commercial creativity. We start every project with your business and your challenge – so every strategy project is bespoke. But these are some of the tools that we have in hand to help find the right solution for you.

Our unique, proprietary workshop-based technique for mapping out exactly how your communications will – and should – contribute to business success.
If you are lacking strategic resource, our Strategists can get involved at short notice to help with a particular issue or run a project from end to end.
We’re experts in the analysis of quantitative research, but we don’t carry out our own surveys. Instead, we prefer to work alongside our preferred quant partners – or yours. Our years of experience with quant means that we’re always happy to offer help and advice about samples, questionnaire designs and structure.
For agency pitches, our board-level strategists are always happy to work with your team to develop a pitch plan, a TEPmap and/or a corresponding measurement plan, as required.
Our consultants are trained and experienced in the practice of qualitative research. We organise it, conduct it and analyse it. And because we’ve worked in creative agencies and marketing companies, we understand the relationship between research, strategy and creativity, and how our work can help make your work more compelling and more effective.
Complex data analysis is a specialist skill. We have the specialists. We can analyse or re-analyse your data for you to give you a fresh perspective on what’s really going on.

The Effectiveness Partnership EvaluationEvaluation

Our evaluation unit is here to meet all your marketing analysis needs and deliver learnings that dig deeper and go further.

We believe that results are only worthwhile if they’re actionable. So we always assign a senior Analyst and a Strategist to every evaluation project to get results that inform brand strategy and help make those conversations about justifying marketing expenditure easier.

The data-driven ‘partner’ to our strategic TEPMap, this is a ‘dashboard’ for your brand to keep track of the key metrics needed to gauge the success of your brand communications.
We can audit your existing data, including any sophisticated analysis (econometrics) to identify key learnings and gaps and to help ensure that the correct measurement framework is in place for your brand. We will then advise on the best action plan for implementing an ‘ideal’ data strategy.
We conduct brand analysis to get a comprehensive picture of how your brand is performing in the marketplace, so that you are in a good place to plan your future strategic direction. The Brand MOT takes account of the full range of available data and insight, including sales, consumer and brand research, as well as the competitive context.
Our industry leading Econometricians are experts in all phases of an Econometric analysis, from data cleaning, creating statistically robust models that consider the most relevant factors for your brand, optimising media allocation budgets to scenario planning. Econometrics is feared by many as something of an incomprehensibly complex ‘black art’ – but by partnering an Analyst and a Strategist together, we deliver output which is comprehensible, strategic and relevant to your brand’s situation.
We use various techniques ranging from extrapolation, regional tests to Econometric analysis to calculate marketing payback and Return on Investment.
We have an unmatched track-record in winning effectiveness awards. We can help you structure your case, determine the proof needed and assist in the sourcing and analysis of data. We also work as editors and mentors in the crafting of the paper.

The Effectiveness Partnership StorytellingStorytelling

Our storytelling division is here to help you harness content, style and delivery to become a more powerful and commercially-effective communicator.

How to structure that big pitch presentation. How to deliver that all-important speech. How to make the winning case that’s going to propel your business – and your career – onwards and upwards to greater things. With an international author and a professional actress and theatre director – we can give you the help you need to make your ideas have the impact they deserve.

Complete, comprehensive professional storytelling techniques.

Find the story hidden in your data. Learn screenwriters’ tricks for plotting and structuring your document or presentation for maximum impact. And discover how to deliver your story in person powerfully and unforgettably.

Combines our ExcelYourself, WriteRight and SpeakUp courses.

Get more out of the data you use every day:  Uncover the strategies and stories in the numbers and bring them to life in the most compelling way.
Whether you want help with the data you have or want to learn to use Excel to better effect, we can help.  From the basics of ‘how to’ to the more sophisticated application of data sets – we’ll coach you every step of the way.
Whether it’s standing at the podium in a packed lecture-theatre or one-to-ones with important clients and colleagues, our classically-trained theatre experts can show you how to be a more polished and effective speaker and communicator.
Sometimes even the most intelligent and charismatic business-people struggle when faced with the blank page – or the blank screen. Our professional writers are here to help you structure, focus, edit and polish your document or PowerPoint presentation into the bestseller it deserves to be.
Sometimes the difference between winning and losing is as simple as how you deliver your big idea.  So we can help you polish your pitch and its delivery to the point where you can be confident it will outshine your rivals.
We all have our unique strengths. And we all have our weaknesses. PrivateCoach is here to help individuals – and small groups of individuals – to identify their communications strengths and weaknesses. And to provide the training that’s needed to make those strengths even stronger, and to remedy those weaknesses.
Our strategists and writers can help articulate your brand’s story and craft and produce the booklets, reports, presentations and other materials you need to tell it effectively to your people, your partners and your customers.

The Effectiveness Partnership CoachingCoaching and Craft Skills Training

Our coaching unit is here to teach your people the skills needed to plan for and measure effectiveness.

We firmly believe in sharing our expertise with you and developing your team’s ability to be more commercially focused, to create their own measurement plans, to analyse results and structure winning award papers themselves.

These are intensive, interactive sessions designed to help embed effectiveness into your working culture and improve the effectiveness skills of your team. We run them for both Marketing and Agency people and structure them around our Effectiveness Framework, to help deliver greater value from communications.

Get more out of the data you use every day:  Uncover the strategies and stories in the numbers and bring them to life in the most compelling way. 

Whether you want help with the data you have or want to learn to use Excel to better effect, we can help.  From the basics of ‘how to’ to the more sophisticated application of data sets – we’ll coach you every step of the way.

If you’d like to find out more about our effectiveness consultancy services, please get in touch here today.

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