Why Effectiveness Matters

It’s about proving – and improving – the commercial value of what you do.

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In the final analysis, it’s all about the bottom line.

You may be extraordinarily good at what you do. Your marketing communications may be skilful. Powerful. Brilliant. But no matter how good you are, one thing matters above all else: your ability to demonstrate, in commercial terms, that your work actually works.

If you can do that, then your work will get the respect – and investment – that it deserves.

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But if you can’t, then it’s going to be tough.

Demonstrating commercial success matters. And it’s what the Effectiveness Partnership is here to help you do.


The Effectiveness Partners: Our Four Core Beliefs

  • arrow-right We believe in effectiveness. We believe that the purpose of effectiveness is to create commercial value for your business.

  • arrow-right We see opportunities for effectiveness everywhere. We see opportunities in your ‘official’ marketing communications. And we see them in the skills of your people, in the stories they tell and the way they tell them.
  • arrow-right We believe in creativity. We know that commercially-driven creativity, effectively applied, drives business results.

  • arrow-right We believe that effectiveness starts right now. Effectiveness is too important to be left to chance or left ‘til later’. It’s something that has to be built in right from the start.


Meet the team

We’re an independent team of senior, highly effective people with a diverse range of backgrounds. Former agency heads of strategy, econometricians, City analysts, academic and occupational psychologists, authors, and theatre-trained presentation-skills coaches.Welcome to The Effectiveness Partnership’s biggest asset – our people.

Janey Bullivant – Founding PartnerJaney Bullivant – Founding Partner

Janey co-founded the Effectiveness Partnership with Gurdeep in 2008.

Prior to this, she was a Board Planning Director at Leo Burnett, working across accounts including P&G, Kellogg’s, Heinz, McDonald’s, Morgan Stanley and the Learning and Skills Council for the Central Office of Information. She began her career on the marketing side at Unilever, as a Brand Manager.

She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Modern History from Oxford University and has an MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics.

Effectiveness credentials:

Janey has worked on, written, and contributed to over 60 effectiveness awards papers including IPA, Effies, and AMAs – helping to win Golds and special prizes.

She has served as a juror on most major effectiveness awards, and has been a juror for the past three IPA Effectiveness Awards.

Other impressive stuff:

Janey regularly runs workshops on effectiveness strategy, and speaks globally on topics relating to the creation of effective strategy and embedding Effectiveness into organisational culture.

Effectiveness in life:

Outside work, Janey is most effective in the kitchen. She enjoys nothing more than a long afternoon cooking up an Ottolenghi feast. Jerusalem is her current inspiration.

Gurdeep Puri – Founding PartnerGurdeep Puri – Founding Partner

Gurdeep’s 20+ years’ experience brings together the technical and strategic aspects of Marketing. Before co-founding The Effectiveness Partnership in 2008, he worked as Head of Effectiveness at Leo Burnett across all accounts including Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s, Fiat, Heinz, Morgan Stanley, John West, Holiday Inn, Nintendo, Barclays and the Central Office of Information.

He is a qualified Econometrician with an MSc in Econometrics. Prior to his career in marketing, Gurdeep worked in research and the financial markets.

Effectiveness Credentials:

He has personally won six IPA Effectiveness Awards and 13 European Effectiveness Awards, including three Golds. He has helped clients win over 60 Effectiveness awards globally (including the Grand Prix at Cannes, the Euro Effies, and Double Golds at the IPA’s).

Since starting The Effectiveness Partnership, he has helped train Account Management and Strategists globally across agency networks.

Other impressive stuff:

Gurdeep is a former member of the IPA Value of Advertising Group and IPA ROMI committee. He also runs workshops at the IPA, APG and the EACA on Effectiveness Strategy and Econometrics.

Gurdeep was part of the pioneering IPA Data Bank analytics group and also involved in leading the IPA VAG Industry effectiveness research projects. He has judged Effectiveness awards globally, including the IPA and Global and European Effies.

Gurdeep speaks internationally on the topics of communications effectiveness and has represented the UK and European communications industry at conferences globally, and in its dialogue with the financial markets. He was a key speaker at the 2011 AME awards festival in Shanghai. Gurdeep was made an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising in 2013 and a Cannes Creative Effectiveness Master in 2015.

Effectiveness in life:

Outside work, Gurdeep is most effective trying to get his five-year-old daughter to her swimming class on Saturday mornings, and trying not to get hit while practising Krav Maga on Sunday mornings. He also is trying to be effective at trimming down to a four pack – instead of what currently resembles a beer barrel.

Ali Bucknall – Strategic Consultant

30+ years as a strategic planner and qualitative researcher working with and for some of the most creative agencies in the world, and on some of the most creatively-powerful and commercially-successful campaigns.

Particular highlights include Government campaigns for the COI (NHS, Social Work, Police, Crime & Benefit Fraud), McDonald’s, the launch of Orange and Global Planning responsibility for P&G Femcare.

Ali’s agency experience includes CDP, WCRS, D’Arcy, Leo Burnett and Elvis – the latter two as Head of Planning.

Effectiveness credentials:

Ali believes passionately in the link between great ideas, great creativity and effective outcomes.

She has helped to write, edit and coach numerous award-winning papers including Effies, AME, IPA and Cannes.

She has personally won 4 APG awards and co-authored a recent IPA Gold.

She was a first round judge for the 2007 European Effectiveness Awards and is a second round judge in 2015 and has also judged the 2011 IPA Effectiveness awards and is an IPA Effectiveness mentor.

Other impressive stuff:

Ali enjoys helping others develop and grow – and has devised, chaired and tutored on a range of different courses designed to improve communications effectiveness for the APG and IPA, as well as coaching individuals.

Effectiveness in life:

Outside work, Ali is most effective on a plane. Ali’s lived all over the world and been an independent traveller since the age of 10, so has a degree of wanderlust and enjoys travelling and exploring new places, and meeting new people.

Professor Andrew Sharp – Strategic ConsultantAndrew Sharp – Strategic Consultant

Over 30 years’ experience as a brand manager, account executive, communication planner and management consultant working in London and New York for clients as diverse as Lanson champagne, Jack Daniels, Unilever, P&G (not at same time) Bell South, Bank of America, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Channel 4 TV, BBC, Time Warner, HMRC and Singapore government agencies. Not forgetting Weight Watchers.

Headed up marketing analytics for Universal McCann, and was Director of PwC’s UK Brand Economics & Finance team.

Effectiveness credentials:

Winner of the first London Business School MBA prize for Marketing.

Specialist in return on investment approaches to communication planning and budgeting – UK’s IPA Grand Prix 1998 award for Media planning.

Developed a new approach to brand valuation at PwC used for M&A due diligence, royalty calculations, transfer tax calculations, and financial reporting.

In the public domain its main application was the ground breaking Thinkbox effectiveness project that showed the increases in financial brand value resulting from consistent TV ad investment.

Was a technical judge for the IPA Effectiveness Awards in 2006.

Other impressive stuff:

Lecturer in Brand economics and conference speaker on marketing effectiveness.

Visiting lectureship at Imperial Business School lecturing on comparative approaches to intangible valuation – in particular, brand valuation.

Supervisor of postgrad projects investigating “Life of brands”, “Hedge fund attitudes to brand value” and the “brand value of football teams and leagues”. Author of “Demonstrating payback”IPA Adworks 15 and “Payback time” Campaign – 11/05/07.

Effectiveness in life:

Outside work, Andrew is most effective on a bicycle.

Used to like sailing until 3am in a gale off Ushant. Adventurous cycle journeys include Rotterdam to Bergen, UK to Verona to see the Opera, Lands End to John O’Groats (no Opera) and Brighton to Vienna.

Clare Cohen – Behavioural PsychologistClare Cohen – Behavioural Psychologist

Clare is a Chartered Business Psychologist with 20 years’ experience in psychological assessment and talent and leadership development with and for companies such as KPMG, Virgin Media, DaimlerChrysler, HBOS, Shell, M&S, and Orange.

She has an MSC in Psychometrics, and a postgrad in Personal and Business Coaching.

Effectiveness credentials:

Clare helps to coach C-Suite for increased effectiveness and performance and supports them in areas such as resilience, presence, emotional intelligence, problem solving and creativity.

She has helped people to prepare and pass interview panels, and transition into new leadership roles. She also helps with team coaching to improve team effectiveness and engagement and candidate selection.

In a previous role she singlehandedly developed a talent-screener tool that was so successful it generated revenue in excess of £1m within one year.

Other impressive stuff:

Widely published and a regular panellist and speaker. Published presentations for the BPS Occupational Psychology Conference, the Test Users conferences, was a guest presenter at the ABP Conference and had an article published in People and Organisations at Work.

Made a guest appearance on BBC Radio 4’s ‘You and Yours’ programme, profiling the presenter John Waite using personality tools and uncovering his hidden desire to change his career from journalism to charity work – much to his immense surprise and pleasure!

Effectiveness in life:

Outside work, Clare is most effective upside down. She was a competitive gymnast from the age of six, then as an adult moved to Brazil to study the Brazilian acrobatic martial art Capoeira.

Most lately, she is perfecting her inversion poses in yoga.

Fiona McAlpine – Performance CoachFiona McAlpine – Performance Coach

25 years’ experience in theatre and communications as an actress, theatre director, radio producer, presentation and communications skills trainer.

She believes that everyone is capable of improving their presentation skills through confidence building and theatre techniques.

She has extensive experience helping individuals improve their performance skills in companies such as Adam & Eve DBB, BBC, Bezier, Brothers & Sisters, Grey London, HSBC, JWT, Jack Morton, Joshua, Leo Burnett, May Gurney, Ogilvy & Mather, PepsiCo, Premier Foods, Sainsbury’s and WCRS.

Effectiveness credentials:

Transformational effectiveness; Fiona’s strength lies in bringing out the performer in everyone, improving on each individual’s strengths and finding ways of eradicating or minimising habits. As one recent client wrote: “I can’t thank you enough for your amazing help – I am so much more confident when giving presentations – and others have noticed too.”

She can help even the most inarticulate and shy deliver more impressive presentations, speak more clearly, and increase their stature and self-confidence.

Other impressive stuff:

Award-winning work as a director, producer and actress. Fiona has directed and produced many dramas for BBC Radio 4.

As a Radio Drama producer she has directed many well-known actors including Mark Strong, David Tennant, Stephen Fry, Ashley Jensen, Jessica Raine and Stephen Mangan.

In 2004, she produced six short films for the UK Film Council Digital Shorts scheme – of which one, ‘Billy’s Day Out’ went on to win the Best British Short Film at the Edinburgh Film Festival, and is still shown at film festivals globally.

As an actress, Fiona has toured Nationally and Internationally, and appeared on television and film – most notably in ‘EastEnders’, ‘Shoestring’, ‘Tenko’ and ‘Blake Seven’.

She recently played at Frinton Summer Theatre in a John Mortimer play ‘Knightsbridge’ and an Agatha Christie thriller, ‘The Rats’.

She regularly works as a voiceover artist.

Effectiveness in life:

Outside work, Fiona is most effective singing in a choir, flunking Zumba classes, and playing tennis. She also loves experimenting with new diets, and regularly attempts to make the perfect sugar-free pudding.

Dr Grace Kite – EconometricianDr Grace Kite – Econometrician

An industry leading Econometrician with more than 10 years’ experience of evaluating the effectiveness of communications.

In her career she has worked for Holmes & Cook, Mindshare, Millward Brown, and is currently a part-time Lecturer in Econometrics at London University.

Grace has worked across 50 different projects across a wide range of countries working for companies such as Unilever (Dove), Heinz (across full product range), Nescafe, Orange, Cadbury’s, Coca Cola, J&J, KFC, Nicorette, 3G mobile, Eurostar and SCA.

Effectiveness credentials:

Grace’s analysis of effectiveness has been incorporated in six IPA award winners and a Cannes award winner.

Without exception, her work on awards entries has been judged reliable and accurate. Grace has also advised Government economists, and published econometric work in academic journals.

Other impressive stuff:

Grace is comfortable explaining technical issues to non-technical people.

She has presented results to clients at all levels, across all of the major advertising-buying sectors. She has also taught econometrics and quantitative methods within agencies and to undergraduate students at SOAS, University of London.

Effectiveness in life:

Outside work, Grace is most effective at changing nappies! With two young children, Grace has become a dab hand at the quick-change. She also likes muddy walks in the countryside.

Mark Stockdale – Strategic ConsultantMark Stockdale – Strategic Consultant

Over 30 years in the world of brand building effectiveness both in agencies and as an independent strategist working in agencies such as ABM, Leagas Delaney and Leo Burnett – the latter as Executive Planning Director & Joint Global Head of Planning.

Extensive experience across most sectors (consumer and B2B, domestic and international) on some of the world’s most successful brands.

Brand owning clients have included BBC, Brakes BT, Diageo, Harrods, Heinz, IPA, Kellogg’s, McDonald’s, M&S, Morgan Stanley, Nationwide P&G, Sainsbury’s, Unilever, WorldPay, and too many smaller companies to list.

Effectiveness credentials:

Won numerous IPA and European Effectiveness Awards (including IPA Double Gold in 2006), APG Planning Awards (including Gold for strategic excellence in 2001) and Design Effectiveness Awards (including Gold in 2009).

Other impressive stuff:

A Founding member of the IPA Value of Advertising Group and former member of the APG National Committee.

Spent 25 years as a full member of the MRS, and 10 years as a full member of AQRP.

Masters in Marketing Science and BSc (Hons) in Economics & Statistics and is a whiz at helping people understand the basics of numbers and statistics.

Effectiveness in life:

In addition to TEP, Mark is also a session guitarist and plays regularly with various bands including Totally Blondie, Skamungas and Groovology.

Sara Donoghugh – EconometricianSara Donoghugh – Econometrician

Over 15 years of econometrics and statistical help for clients who want to demonstrate and prove the impact of their creative strategies.

Sara’s experience includes time at DDB, BSkyB, Medicom and Data2Decisions working across a wide range of clients and industries including Ikea, TUI, Wrigley, Coca Cola, Kraft, and RB amongst others.

These days she is applying her statistical knowledge to optimising the inside of organisations using HR Analytics. Sara graduated from Bristol University with a degree in Statistics and trained in Econometrics at the LSE.

Effectiveness credentials:

Sara has worked on numerous IPA awards papers helping BBH achieve Agency of the year as well as co-authoring 5 award winning IPA Effectiveness Awards including Gold and the Charles Channon Award for Best New Learning in 2004.

She was a technical judge for the IPA in 2008 and continues to help craft and prove effectiveness across IPA and other awards.

Other impressive stuff:

Sara has led teams and developed systems that have saved her clients time and money. She is never afraid to challenge the status quo, and is always looking for new ways to make people, organisations and their communications more effective.

Her HR analysis work has included data visualisation, dashboard provision, strategic leadership on how to build test and learn into talent management programs, as well as building workflow management tools.

Effectiveness in life:

Outside work, Sara is most effective at juggling; five-year-old twins, dogs, PTA commitments, work, and not forgetting the odd vestige of a social life!

Warwick Cairns – Strategic ConsultantWarwick Cairns – Strategic Consultant

Over 25 years’ experience as a strategic planner and brand consultant.

Warwick has been a board-level strategic planner at a range of top London agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi and AMV.BBDO. He was also Head of Strategy at the brand consultancy Brandhouse.

Effectiveness credentials:

Warwick has won APG, DBA, Marketing Society and IPA Effectiveness Awards in his own right. As a consultant he has helped win many more.

In 2013 he helped ITV collect its biggest prize haul ever at the TV Sponsorship Awards. In 2014 he consulted on seven IPA winners – including 2 Golds and a Special Prize.

Other impressive stuff:

Warwick’s books have been published around the world by PanMacmillan, HarperCollins, BBC Audiobooks and St. Martin’s Griffin NY, in English and in translation.

He teaches writing and storytelling skills to individuals and groups through The Effectiveness Partnership’s Strategic Storytelling courses.

Effectiveness in life:

Outside work, Warwick is most effective on a skateboard. He’s been doing it since the age of ten, and commented: “It helps me unwind. Clears my mind. After an hour on my board I’ll often get some of my best ideas. And some of my worst bruises.”

Jon Daniel – Director of Creative InnovationJon Daniels

Jon has 25+ years’ experience as an Art Director, working for some of London’s leading advertising agencies. In that time, he has created effective and award winning campaigns for clients ranging from IBM, Philips, Virgin Direct, NHS Careers, COI Drink Drive and the Inland Revenue to The Institute of Contemporary Arts.

He has also co-founded and served as Executive Creative Director with two creative companies, Headland, a creative partnership and ebb&flow®, a boutique branding company.

He is a classically trained graphic designer and more recently has been working independently on a variety of branding, design and cultural projects.

Effectiveness credentials:

Jon’s unique “Living Ad” campaign for the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) won an IPA Effectiveness Gold Award in 1994. His work on COI NHS Careers campaign (alongside fellow TEP partner, Ali Bucknall) was one of the most successful recruitment campaigns of its time in the public sector.

Other impressive stuff:

Jon is a strong advocate of the promotion of the historical legacy of the African diaspora. He is a regular columnist for the leading UK design publication, Design Week, where his monthly column “4 Corners” celebrating pioneering, established and emerging creatives from the African diaspora has proved to be a popular fixture in Design Week’s editorial repertoire since it was launched in January 2013.

Effectiveness in life:

Outside work, Jon is most effective as a collector. He is well known for his interest in the popular culture of the African diaspora with a collection ranging from stamps, action figures, comics and games. He has curated two successful philatelic exhibitions with global stamp emporium, Stanley Gibbons. His Afro Supa® Hero exhibition, previously on display at the V&A Museum of Childhood, is now on its way to the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool.


People and organisations we like to work with
Tracey-FollowsTracey Follows – Futurist and Founder, anydaynow

Tracey is the original ‘future-stalker’, reading sci-fi from an early age, she became obsessed with ideas about the future and has never looked back. She graduated with a first in Philosophy and then did an MSc in Technology Strategy. Now she gets to combine the two in helping fast moving brands think about their own futures.

Steeped in years of brand strategy working in the advertising industry and specialising in telco, technology, retail and media brands, she has helped move brands like T-Mobile, BT, O2 and John Lewis into the future. Tracey believes that foresight will become as essential as insight has been if we are to reinvent businesses, brands and organisations.

She spent 20+ years in the advertising industry and has always used her strategic skills to look to the future. Whilst Chief Strategy Officer at JWT she set up ‘Planning Foresight’ as a new discipline, during her time at VCCP she created quarterly futurology presentations for the CEO of Telefonica Digital, and she originated the idea of a how-to Youtube platform for O2 which became the highly successful consumer channel O2Guru.tv.

Tracey is in the Association of Professional Futurists, a member of the World Future Society, is in the WIRED Consulting Faculty, the Faith Popcorn BrainReserve Talent Bank, and is a trendspotter for Trendwatching (tw:in). She studied Foresight professionally at the University of Houston.


Paul-FeldwickPaul Feldwick – Strategic Consultant

Paul worked at Boase Massimi Pollitt during the seventies and eighties, when under John Webster’s creative direction the agency was producing legendary campaigns like the Smash Martians and Hofmeister Bear. BMP became DDB London, Paul became Head of Planning,  and later as a Worldwide Planning director he developed strategic training programmes for the global DDB network. After thirty years at the agency, he left in 2005 to work as an independent consultant, specialising in organisational aspects of the advertising process.

Effectiveness Credentials

Paul was the third convenor of the IPA Effectiveness Awards, succeeding Simon Broadbent and Charles Channon. He has won Gold and Silver Awards himself, and under his planning leadership BMP DDB became the most successful Effectiveness agency in London. For many years he taught a residential effectiveness course for the IPA. He is a member of the IPA Effectiveness Hall of Fame and recently judged the New Zealand Effies.

Other impressive stuff:

Paul has Master’s Degrees in Responsibility and Business Practice (Bath) and Organisational Consulting (Ashridge); he has also studied a gestalt approach to organisational change at the Metanoia Institute. His approach to organisational change and to strategy is based on paying close attention to what’s happening in the here and now.

The Anatomy of Humbug: How to Think Differently About Advertising was published in 2015 and hailed as ‘a unique and extraordinary book’. It examines and criticises the hidden assumptions that are usually made about how advertising works.

Paul is a regular speaker at conferences, a frequent contributor to Admap and Market Leader, and an experienced designer of training and other interventions.

Effectiveness in life:

Paul is a pianist, regularly playing chamber music as part of a trio, and a singer and occasional opera performer. He is also a published poet and has lectured on the parallels between poetry and advertising.

Chris Baker – Strategic ConsultantChris Baker photo

As one of many who moved from market research to advertising in the early ‘80s planning boom, Chris has over 40 year’s experience working with brands and communications.

With degrees in Physics and Economics from the University of Sussex, he started his career in market research at BMRB, before moving to Saatchi & Saatchi in 1981, becoming Deputy Head of Planning in 1988. He was a founder member of Bainsfair Sharkey Trott (BST.BDDP) in 1990, where he was Planning Director.  Subsequent mergers in 1997 and 1998 took him to senior planning roles at GGT.BDDP, then TBWA as Director of Strategic Consultancy. He set up Bacon Strategy & Research – a consultancy that brings fresh thinking to brands, businesses and marketing communications –  in 2008.

His experience is broad, covering hundreds of brands across most sectors, consumer packaged goods, automotive, public sector, charities, and beyond. In recent years much of his work has involved the translation of traditional planning disciplines to brands in the digital world.

Effectiveness Credentials

Chris has been involved with the IPA Effectiveness Awards since their early days – his first IPA entry, for Farmer’s Table Chicken in 1982, is perhaps best forgotten but is regrettably still available online via WARC/ IPA database. He helped pioneer thinking on the ‘longer and broader’ effects of advertising, and has written, judged and mentored on hundreds of effectiveness awards papers.

He judged the IPA Effectiveness Awards in 1990, 1992 and 1994 and, as Convenor of Judges, was editor of ‘Advertising Works’ 7 & 8. He has won several IPA Effectiveness Awards over the years, including Silver for Castlemaine XXXX in 1986, Gold and Special Prize for Integration for the launch of the Central London Congestion Charge in 2004, plus Gold and Special Prize for Channel Planning for Digital UK in 2012. He maintains an ongoing involvement with the IPA Effectiveness Awards as a mentor for entrants.

Other Impressive Stuff

Chris is a Fellow of the IPA, was a Full Member of the Market Research Society for 35 years, and was recently one of the first inductees to the IPA Effectiveness Hall of Fame. He also consults for The Advertising Association on subjects such as the impact alcohol advertising on young people and the commercialisation of childhood.

Effectiveness in life

Beyond family his main indulgence is golf and the battle to maintain a single figure handicap. As a Board Director of Ealing Golf Club he has also helped transform the effectiveness of their marketing.

Nikki Crumpton – Strategic Consultantnikki_crumpton_bw

Nikki has a career in the industry spanning over twenty years. She started in media sales when Carlton took over the London franchise. This was prompted by a piece of advice from her Father that to be truly successful in business you needed to understand how to sell. She then moved through to the agency media planning side, at BMP where she was spotted by Nigel Jones and moved into Account Planning. Over the years Nikki has worked in the small independents, Fallon and Mother and the big corporates, DDB and MCcann. She has found both environments equally brilliant and full of opportunities that have helped educate and broaden her knowledge and skills over the years. In all the places she has worked she has been lucky enough to have found supportive mentors and bosses who have championed her and for which she is eternally grateful. Her passion for great creative work is still her focus, but how we get to, and execute ideas across a broader remit, most notably sustainability, innovation and technology and product design and creation, is increasingly her area of fascination.

She is a great believer in collaboration and integration, and her modus operandi is that great ideas come from finding interesting combinations of thinkers and doers and creating the right environment in which they can create. Most importantly though it’s about the team being responsible and accountable for the results and the impact they need to make.

For Nikki leadership roles are about smart and inventive curation of others great thinking and ideas more than her own.

So far the pinnacle of her career was being part of the team that delivered the most successful Olympics and Paralympic games ever in London in 2012.

A gruelling but incredible four years where she believes she learnt more in that period of time than in the rest of her career put together.





Cannes Lions

Cannes Lions







The Effectiveness Partnership works with the best people for the job – the team members above are our main effectiveness consultants in London, but we also construct bespoke teams and solutions for specific projects, as and when required by clients.

If you’d like to find out more about our effectiveness consultancy services, please get in touch here today.

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